Yet another exciting pool session passed last night with Waterfront Scuba and its members. Many familiar faces came and talked the night away as well as a lot of new faces and members. Gary and Claire both took to the pool for the first time in over ten years and resurfaced an hour later with smiles all round! Not only did their faces say it all but the pursuing excitement showed what a good night they had.

Many of our students took to the pool as well last night – all those taking part in their open water course, advanced course and practicing for their specialities performed very well – all thanks to our first class team of staff and instructors.  Special thanks must go out to Dave Smith, Matt Duck, Kate Miller, Dave Bowdler, Chris Green and Tony Boyce for their ongoing support and efforts to the club and school as well as the ongoing dedication and commitment from the club owner, Andy Abery, for his assistance with surface support and social aspects of the club.

It was nice to see the familiar face of Mark Jones back in the water after some time away from diving – welcome back! As the start of the diving season fast approaches, many of our members took to the pool to refresh their skills and abilities. Meeting new people and enjoying the sport we all love is at the very heart of what we do!

Every week the community held by Waterfront Scuba grows and strengthens even more so why not become a part of it? Meet new people and forge friendships that can last a lifetime, or come to practice in our specialist pool, all are welcome! Contact us now for more information and details on how to become a part of our community.

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  1. Dave says:

    It was great fun as always!

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