The Oceanic Zeo – New to the market with big promises and a big price tag to match. Is it worth the cost? Our expert team at Waterfront Scuba give you the low down when Aaron took to the pool with his very own brand new Zeo set up.



From the very first test breath I took in the shop through one of these regs, I had fallen in love. Everything about the set up was pristine – from the simplistic, ergonomic design of the second stage right back to the simply elegant first stage (which is FDXi by standard) it was what I had been searching for. Looking for a statement, I had opted for the white version of the reg which came complete with a white first stage and pressure hose to match – all very flashy and I had no doubt that people would spot me underwater with it.

But it was only when I had transferred my other hoses across to the Zeo’s FDXi first stage and took it beneath the water level that I realised the truth. Once my unit was all set up – a standard 12 litre cylinder on a Mares jacket – I stepped back and looked at my creation. The brilliant white of the Zeo shone like a pearl in its shell – perfect.

Pulling the unit on and taking the giant stride into the water, I could immediately feel the benefits to my new kit. flicking the reg into dive mode and making a few tweaks with the adjustment tuner and the quality became apparent.

In my eye’s I will not be buying a new regulator any time soon – the Zeo has far exceeded any expectation I had of it and all in a sleek and simplistic manner.

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