Waterfront Pool Session Update 04.02.2015


Club Owner, Andy Abery, taking to the water – a novelty!


Last night was witness to the community of Waterfront Scuba at its finest. As usual, the café became home to our social lounge with the tea’s and coffee’s flowing thanks to Fred and Chrissie, while the pool buzzed with enthusiasm from new students and veteran club members alike.


Recognition must be given to Luke and Glen who have now completed Module 3 of their open water courses, before taking to the water with Mr Dave Smith to master their buoyancy skills. Kris, Viktorija, Stasys, Gausante and Riman are all well on their way to completing their module two, Kim has blasted through their endurance swim test and is looking forward to starting next week.


Special mentions must go out to the star of the evening, Hannah, who completed her first Aquamission for her Seal Team Qualification, and also to Rusne who managed to score top marks on the final RDP exam – Congratulations to you both! It was also wonderful to see yet another large turn out for our club community which really wouldn’t exist without all of your dedication and passion. We at Waterfront Scuba just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who have each brought something new and different to the community, and it is thanks to you that we can boast of being the best dive club in Essex.


It is because of this we are able to witness an ever-growing community, with a warm welcome going out to our newest members, Mike & Sophie – a very warm welcome from every one! Thanks again to all of the club members and Waterfront Staff for creating yet another cracking night, the best is yet to come. We hope to see you all next week for more of the same!


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