As divers we all search far and wide for our next diving trip; some set their sights on somewhere exotic like Truk Lagoon, while others choose somewhere more adventurous like Iceland. Here at Waterfront Scuba, our latest trip took place at one of our favorite destinations – Malta.


Malta 15 - After the Faroud

Aaron, Andy & James after their dive on the Um El Faroud!

Our biggest group to date took flight to the small island before taking on some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. The group held divers of all talents, from those only recently qualified as open water divers to others that have dived for over twenty years with closed circuit units and there was plenty of diving for everyone at all levels.


All around Malta, Gozo and Comino are dozens of shipwrecks to explore as well as huge reef walls and sandy sea beds surrounded by countless lifeforms, and caverns and caves leading to underwater labyrinths. With the welcoming guidance of our friends, Buddies Dive Cove, Waterfront Scuba ventured into the depths of some of the most iconic wrecks in the med: The Um El Faroud, Tug Boat Rosie, the P-31, Cominoland Ferry and the Karwella Ferry.


As well as the spectacular wrecks, the sandy bottoms and crystal waters made Malta an ideal place for reef diving, and the aptly named ‘Crystal Lagoon’ became one of the most beautiful reef dives the group undertook. A shallow dive of only around 12meters to the seabed, the group went through a small rocky swim through before entering the lagoon and soaking up the colorful sights and sea life such as the mesmerizing Flying Gernard.


Malta 15 - Crystal Lagoon Dive

Crystal Lagoon – The Home of the Sandy Seabed

Other dives such as the one on the Karwelle ferry led the intrepid explorers down to 34 meters where they reached the top deck of the wreck and entered though a hatch into the darkness below. Once inside, they followed the length of the deck before reaching an ornate staircase leading them down further into a ‘titanic’ feeling deck with the fancifully decorated spindles running along the decks interior before exiting the wreck through another hatch.


Although the week came to an end too soon, all of those present have enjoyed yet another incredible and unforgettable trip thanks to Waterfront Scuba and its CEO, Andy Abery. Many new friendships were forged and many relationships have been heightened by the magical experience. Maltese Diving is definitely one of the best places in the med for diving as a community.


Incredible diving, incredible people, incredible time! – Aaron H


Here’s a big thank you to everyone that was a part of the trip for making it such a good one to remember:

James, Sarah, Christine, Jayne, Andy, Aaron, Pete, Tracy, Abi, Emily, Mark, Richard, Tony, Jo and Reece, as well as all of the fantastic guides at Buddies who we hope to see again soon.

A Special thanks must also go to Mr Dave Smith for organizing the trip and ensuring everyone had a bed to sleep in, and to Andy Abery without who, the trip would simply not have been the same – opening up new opportunities for divers and having confidence in a diver when they don’t have it in themselves is one of the many things that makes you and Waterfront Scuba a unique and first rate community.


Well, until next time stay safe and happy diving, we hope to see you all again soon and maybe a few new faces too.

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