Many divers say that if you can dive in the UK then you can dive almost anywhere. Well last weekend I witnessed first hand that this is true. Waterfront Scuba lead a group of our intrepid divers out to the coast of Brighton where they sailed off shore for one of many trips planned this year.

Among the group were divers with several years of experience, seasoned UK divers and others for whom this trip was their first in the UK sea. I fell into the latter category. The air was filled with excited chatter as the group came together in the harbour and loaded the kit on the boat, and the excitement grew as the boat set off.

The first sight was a shipwreck laying around 30m on the sea bed in the gloomy darkness. While it was dark and with little visibility, strong torches showed the group sections of the ‘City of Waterford’ wreck as well as some sea life.

Once back on the day boat, it wasn’t mong before the group set off on course for their second dive site of the day. This time is was a drift dive along a shallow reef bed not far from shore. The current was strong meaning that the group had to make little effort as they took in the sites of the sea life. The sandy bed was populated by countless white starfish , crabs and even a couple of lobsters!

A special mention should go to Mr Dave Smith for leading the pack, and also to Jamie Shipley for his first UK sea dive in harsh conditions – yet he still managed to keep his calm and make the very most of the dives.




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