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Here at Waterfront Scuba we offer anything and everything you can think of Scuba related. We are the most esteemed and prestigious diving community in the heart of Essex. With a long-established retail outlet, highly recognised instructors and the deepest pool in Essex we boast of our offerings to our members with pride and passion.

Our School

Highly reputed by PADI, TDI and DSAT training bodies, Waterfront Scuba School can provide you with the first rate training and guidance you need when learning to dive. From Open water courses for beginners to advanced speciality training for those more advanced we can offer no end of knowledge for you to grow and learn.

Our team of decorated staff are always on hand and willing to assist in any way they can. From one-to-one tuition to pointers for honing in your skills, you can count on our team to teach you everything you need to know.

PADI is the biggest and most recognised diving association in the world and learning the PADI courses through us gives you the freedom to dive virtually anywhere worldwide. PADI carries a prestigious name and carries the highest standards of all dive boards. PADI has played a leading role in organisations such as the Recreational Scuba Training Council and ISO diving standard recognitions.

Our Community

Waterfront Scuba is not only a school but a community of like-minded divers and a social hub for all things diving. We have active social media networks, a consistent blog with all of the latest updates and news, as well as a pool night where club members are welcome to come and refine their skills in our specialist pool or to simply socialise the night away.

Our community also runs countless trips all the way through the year – from summer escapes for those that prefer the warmth to out of season day trips for the hardened veterans. Our community has something for everyone no matter what qualification you hold or how long you’ve been diving.

Our way of life!

“Real Diver’s, Real Diving”. That’s our motto and we live by it. All of the community and the team live for diving and because of this dedication to the sport it has become our way of life. We take every trip as a new adventure and all of us here share the same excitement you will when you take your first breath underwater.

We take the utmost pride in our passion and it humbles us to know that every session you undertake was the very best it could have been. Because of this we endeavour to continuously develop our coaching and training skills and offer PADI EMEA insurance for all those choosing to dive with us – meaning you will have peace of mind when diving.

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