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Waterfront Scuba is all about the complete diving experience from learning your first course to meeting likeminded people to diving all over the world. That is why our dedicated trip organiser, Simon Bradley, plays a pivotal role by developing the annual trip planner. We have so far travelled to many international and local dive sites including the Red Sea, Maldives, Scapa Flow and Lulworth Cove to name but a few.

Our upcoming events are as follows, alternatively you can download the full year’s planner here.

2016 Scuba Diving Holiday & Trips Dates – Click Links for Full Details

Please click on the links for more details of the trip/ dive

Saturday 12th Dec 2015- Christmas Comedy with Waterfrontscuba

27th-28th February – Plymouth Winter Weekend

Saturday/Sunday 2nd/3rd April – Pre-Season Shakedown weekend 

Sunday 17th April – Eastbourne Diving

Sunday 1st May – South Coast Diving

14-16th May – Newquay Weekend

28rd May-4th June – Red Sea Exclusive Safari

Sunday 5th June – South Coast Diving

17th-19th June – Plymouth Weekend

Sunday 14th June – Eastbourne Diving

18th June – HMS Hermes Expedition

Sunday 3rd July – South Coast Diving

15th-17th July – Falmouth Weekend

Sunday 31st July – South Coast Diving

13th-15th August – Pembrokeshire Weekend

Monday 29th August – South Coast Diving

10th-12th September –Eyemouth Weekend

Sunday 25th September – South Coast Diving

7th October –Truk Lagoon Expedition

Sunday 9th October –South Coast Diving

Sunday 23rd October –South Coast Diving

3rd-10th November – Malta Winter Week

16th-27th November – Maldives, Blue Yoyager.

Booking Instructions & Guidance
For our Scuba  Diving Holidays – Fully paid and and renewed Club members will take priority when booking trips
 Booking is on a 1st come 1st served basis – Completed forms can either be returned to the shop or returned by email.
 If a deposit is required, bookings will be held for 7 days allowing you to get your payments in to us. Should we not get your deposit then your space will be released.
 If wishing to participate in Littlehampton, Brighton, and Eastbourne dives a cheque for £55 will be taken and held as a rolling deposit for these dives, it will not be cashed but held and returned at the end of the season.
 Once a dive is confirmed you are committed to full payment, no excuses, if you can’t attend you are responsible for payment for the place unless you find a replacement that meets with our approval or a club member is on the reserve list for the trip.
 Boats will be booked and confirmed once 70% occupancy is reached. If there is insufficient interest shown in a dive, then we will sadly release our option. we will attempt to find spaces on day boats on the South Coast (Brighton, Eastbourne etc) to ensure those who supported the trip in question can still be offered diving on that day or days

Equipment & Training requirements
 Club members are able to borrow tanks for all club dives (subject to availability) When you collect them they will be fully charged with air. If you require nitrox or trimix please book your gas before hand. When tanks are returned you will be charge for a single air fill that we will do to refill the tank ready for the next person who uses it.
 As standard all divers will require a SMB / Reel and be confident in its use.
 A Dive Alert signaling device is also highly recommended
 We would also recommend that all divers carry a torch and knife when sea diving
 We would also advise the use of a pony tank on all deeper dives

Our 2016 Dive Plan is now available to download by clicking here

padi scuba diving waterfront scuba essexWaterfront Scuba is a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and we are an approved Scuba Travel Partner.  We are dedicated to bringing our guests new and exciting diving opportunities. We select our dive trips, safaris and travel partners very carefully, we strive to offer great prices and we will always try to offer that little something different that makes the trip special, be it a special dive site or sites, location, or safari route. Our Scuba diving holidays are fully escorted, you are greeted at the airport and have a member of waterfront staff with you the entire trip. Our staff have extensive liveaboard and shore based experience especially in the Red Sea, Malta, and Med, we are there to look after you. Other dive schools will attempt to copy what we do but in truth they simply cannot do it. Our staff are there to help you, to dive with you, to help you, to train you if wanted, to look after you. Waterfront Scuba Brings you Scuba Diving Holidays, PADI Diving Courses from beginner through advanced to PADI Go Pro, and an active 5 Star Dive School and Scuba Diving Club. We offer our students unique pool facilities including an underwater movie studios pool which allows you to prefect the essential buoyancy skills that will make you a fantastic diver.

Email info@waterfrontscuba.com or call 01708 227122

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