Mixed Gas Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver

Unit Specific for Inspiration/Evolution, KISS, Optima, Megalodon, rEvo, Pelegian and Titian
 The TDI Mixed Gas course (certification depends on unit/electronics used) is your next step into closed circuit rebreather diving and with the addition of helium as a Diluent gas, it is your opportunity to explore a little deeper. Using the latest in technology CCR maximize your gas supply and provide the optimum breathing gas for any depth by maintaining a constant partial pressure of oxygen(PPO2). During the dives (minimum of 6) your TDI Instructor will teach you all the necessary skills to conduct CCR dives utilizing helium as a Diluent gas and oxygen levels as low as 16 percent to a maximum depth of 60 m/200 feet. The skills include:
Calculating off-board gas requirements
Recovering from system failure
Calibration of electronics
Emergency procedures
Removing and replacing off-board gases
Surface marker buoy deployment
The individual TDI manuals provide comprehensive information about the unites and how they operate during a dive, this combined with the TDI Trimix Diver manual complete the academic knowledge needed to conduct mixed gas CCR.

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