FB_IMG_1450454132671Aaron Hall – PR, Marketing and Admin Specialist.

Aaron is one of the newest staff members to Waterfront Scuba, and although he is still in his early years of diving he has already racked up some lifelong experiences with thanks to the club, with less than twenty logged open water dives, Aaron found himself face to face with a whale shark whilst in the depths of the South Red Sea – an experience that is a rarity and one that thanks to Waterfront, he will remember forever!

Aaron has served in many admin and finance jobs throughout his career and as such delivers a first class service in PR, Marketing, Business Awareness and administrative support, and is also looking to train as a Divemaster in the near future to assist further in the pool sessions.

It really is a family affair as both Aaron’s parents and his brother are all divers with Waterfront Scuba and play an active role in making our dive community such a success.

Where I qualified – Holborough lake (open water)

Make of Regs – Oceanic Zeo (primary regs) (Oceanic FDX something as secondary regs)

Make of Drysuit – O3

Make of Wetsuit – Mares

Make of BCD/WING – Custom Divers Twin set wing

Make of mask – Aeris Cyanea

Make of fins – Mares

Favourite dive equipment

7ltr stage cylinder – it means I’m about do/go somewhere that normal recreational diver’s cannot reach, that gives me an adrenaline buzz. It also adds another level of complexity having various gasses for different reasons.

Favourite UK dive site

James Egan Lane (Plymouth) – Viz is never great which means it’s a tough dive and really makes you hone your skillset to get through the dive. The wreck is always covered in life and there’s always something new to see.

Favourite inland dive site

Stoney Cove – it’s got a bacon roll shop!

Favourite overseas site

Hebat Allah (not sure I spelt that right) – Sits at 45m to the sea bed and was the first vessel I’ve kissed the bow of. Never thought I’d have the privilege of seeing such a perfect wreck sat bolt upright from a depth not many people can reach. This was my first ever dive so deep and really put my knowledge to the test.

OR (they’re joint favourites)

Salem Express- this was the first DEEP penetration wreck I have done and certainly wont be the last! In a team of 5 lead by Andy and accompanied by 3 rebreather divers all of my skills and knowledge came into play as we negotiated the corridors of the wreck going deeper and deeper into the vessel with full trust in Andy to get us out.

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