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Allen Prosser – PADI Divemaster

Our Newest PADI Divemaster, Who, having been diving for several years on the South Coast, is now working with our busy school, his boundless enthusiasm for diving is very infectious, and you cannot help but be carried along with him. We are very privileged to have him with us.

Just call out Taxi!, Allen comes running looking cool in his his sunglasses, always ready with a cheerful smile.Exceptionally good in the water, comfortable at all depths, he is looking forward to continuing his education along the Technical diving path. Twinset, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures beckon.

Allen’s many trips to the Red sea have allowed him to build up a level of competence  in his diving which is unequalled.

He enjoys working with students both the pool and in Open water, and gets such satisfaction from seeing a student achieve their dreams.

Equipment Manufacturers Brands Used ?
Mares, O’Three, Hollis, Aqualung

Make of Regulators ?
Aqualung, Hollis

Make of Drysuit ?

O’Three Ri 2/100

Make of Wetsuit ?


Make of BCD / Wing ?

Mares, Hollis

Make of Mask and Fins ?

Mares,  Mares

Favourite piece of dive equipment owned and why ?
O Three Dry Suit, they are simply the best. So comfortable and warm. Well made and very durable. Spending time with in the water and not being cold is such a wonderful feeling.

Favorite Dive Site UK and why ?

Sussex, exciting dive sites, wrecks and usually something new on every dive.

From Brighton marina for example, there are over 300 wrecks and dive sites to choose from. Everything from Passenger liners, Submarines to even aircraft.

Favourite Inland UK Sites ?

Stoney cove because it has something to see for every diver at any level

Favourite Dive Site Overseas and why ?
Wreck of the Thistlegorm, probably the most famous wreck in the world, after the Titanic.

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