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Chris Green – Divemaster


An experienced PADI Divemaster after being bitten by the diving bug, Chris has gained his PADI Divemaster certification. Chris is a keen UK diver and is another member of the O’Three Dry Suit fan club. Chris is keen to share his passion for diving and keen to help divers both new and established. Always willing to help out, he loves being in the water. Probably his best trip was to Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, North of Scotland, an expedition to dive the German Imperial fleet, scuttled in the first world war.

A superb diver, he is comfortable in all environments, usually seen carrying a 7 litre stage cylinder, safety is at the forefront of Chris’s mind.

A calm and resourceful character, an ideal dive buddy.

Equipment Manufacturers Brands Used ?
Mares, O’Three, Scubapro

Make of Regulators ?

Make of Drysuit ?

O’Three Ri 1/100

Make of Wetsuit ?


Make of BCD / Wing ?


Make of Mask and Fins ?

Mares, Hollis

Favourite piece of dive equipment owned and why ?
O Three Dry Suit, they are simply the best

Favorite Dive Site UK and why ?

Farne Islands, exciting dive sites, seals, wrecks and usually great vis what more could you want! Although after the Scapa Flow trip, I am now in two minds, 26000 ton Battleships, 5500 Cruisers, even an Icelandic Trawler!

Favourite Inland UK Sites ?

Stoney cove because it has something to see for every diver at any level.

Also the local lakes just over the bridge in Kent are nice and convenient to get to.

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