Jamie Shipley PADI Divemaster Trainee

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Jamie Shipley – PADI Divemaster Trainee,

AP Diving Inspiration Rebreather Diver.



PADI Divemaster Trainee!

Not long a diver, Originally qualified in Australia when travelling the world. Jamie is an enthusiastic diver, always willing to help anyone out. In just a few short years, he has become a very experienced diver.

From the English channel, Red Sea, Malta and the Maldives, he loves all diving and if there were more hours in the day, he would be diving constantly. He is very interested to join many of our trips this year, Why not join him –

Dive Plan 2016

As an AP Diving Inspiration rebreather diver, Jamie has gained valuable insight into the physics and Physiology of diving, which will be very helpful as a Divemaster trainee.

Jamie is looking forward to helping new students in their diving and taking them on the adventure of a lifetime as a soon to be qualified Divemaster.

He loves showing divers round wrecks for the first time, and is especially fond of seeing the delight in their faces after the dive.

Equipment Manufacturers Brands Used – O’Three, Hollis, Suunto, Oceanic, Mares,  AP Diving, Poseidon, Aquatec, Apeks, Light Monkey

Make of Rebreather – AP Diving Inspiration

Make of Regulators – Hollis, Apeks, Oceanic.

Make of Drysuit – O Three R1-100 CCN

Make of Wetsuit – Fourth Element

Make of BCD / Wing – Oceanic, APD Inspiration

Make of Mask and Fins – Hollis, Oceanic & Mares

Favourite piece of dive equipment owned and why –
O’Three drysuit – warm, dry, robust, comfortable and flexible.

Favourite Dive Site UK and why – The pool – After all where else can you dive an actual film set?

Seriously though Jamie loves diving in the sea, diving on a genuine shipwreck, such as the Almunia out of Eastbourne, respectfully of course should there have been any loss of life.

Favourite Inland UK Sites – Stoney Cove – Good facilities & suitable for all levels of diver, ideal for training

Favourite Dive Site Overseas and why – Got to be Maldives – Long Haul but excellent dive sites, clear blue water, Mantas, Sharks, friendly people, a real luxury trip!


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