Kate Miller PADI MSDT & EFR Instructor

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PADI Dive Instructor – Kate Miller,

If fact she is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, is a pleasure to have on to the dive team. A real cut above the rest!

Kate has extensive knowledge of diving in Thailand and is keen to bring her experience to Waterfront Scuba Students.

Kate can also teach numerous PADI Specialties : Deep, Photography, EANx, O2, Wreck, Peak Performance Buoyancy, PADI Project Aware, and so many more.

In front or behind the lens, underwater filming is where she loves to be. (Watch the space for her film credits coming soon!) Autographs will be available, along with signed photos…..

PADI MSDT & EFR Instructor

Equipment Manufacturers Brands Used ?
Mares, O’Three, Atomic Aquatics, Aqualung, Lavacore

Make of Regulators ?
Aqualung Legend

Make of Drysuit ?


Make of Wetsuit ?


Make of BCD / Wing ?


Make of Mask and Fins ?

Atomic Aquatics,  Mares

Favourite piece of dive equipment owned and why ?

Underwater camera, behind the lens, Kate can focus on the perfect shot, holding a position of neutral buoyancy is key to getting the ideal image. Aligning up the photo, framing it correctly, and then seeing the results are one of the main reasons Kate loves to dive.
Favorite Dive Site UK and why ?

Brighton in Sussex,  her first introduction into the delights of UK diving, have given Kate the buzz to join many of our dive trips here in the UK. 

From Brighton marina for example, there are over 300 wrecks and dive sites to choose from. Everything from Passenger liners, Submarines to even aircraft.

Favourite Inland UK Sites ?

Gildenburgh, near Peterborough, her first experience of freshwater diving in England, You always remember your first time! 

Favourite Dive Site Overseas and why ?
It Has to be Thailand!, Where it all began for Kate, although a season or two in Tenerife is definitely up in her top 10 dive destinations, So if you need information on diving in Tenerife or Thailand, Then PADI Dive Instructor Kate is the go to girl you need to see!

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