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Simon our Trip & Events Manager,

Brings his experience of diving to Waterfront Scuba and along with Andy Abery is responsible for the preparation and planning of the Trip & Events for the Waterfront Scuba Dive Plan each year, and we believe that somehow he manages to outdo himself every year.

Simon has dived the South Coast of England, the Farne Islands and in Spain –  The Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve.

Each of the trip & events, whether just a days diving on the South coast or a full weekend away, is so well organised , it just makes going on the trip & events completely stress free.

Simon has been working hard to bring you exciting diving opportunities and diving trip & events in 2016 and beyond.

Already having launched 2016 calendar , plans are already afoot for 2017, so if you have somewhere you would like to go, have a word with Simon to see if we can make it happen.

Simon puts a huge amount of time and effort into arranging these Trip & Events, and sometimes we feel he doesn’t get the recognition for all his hard work, but as you can see below, it’s worth it, and Thank you Simon!

Trip & Events – 2016 Dive Plan

Probably Simon’s favourite diving is with the seals at the Farne Islands, he loves diving with these playful puppies of the sea, despite nearly losing his hood to one last time around.

Equipment Manufacturers Brands Used – Hollis, Oceanic, ScubaPro

Make of Regulators – Hollis, Scubapro

Make of Drysuit – O’Three Port 10

Make of Wetsuit – Brave man

Make of BCD / Wing – Hollis

Make of Mask and Fins – Mares, Hollis.

Favourite piece of dive equipment owned and why – GoPro Camera for the superb images I can take

Favourite Dive Site UK and why – The Farne Islands, diving with the seals

Favourite Inland UK Sites – As with most people it’s Stoney Cove

Favourite Dive Site Overseas and why – Spain, Plenty of life

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